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We have created a new kind of products

We began to produce marmalade based on natural vegetable raw materials with addition of natural berries.

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Distinctive features of DELISHE


1. In its production DELISHE uses selected fruits and berries, does not use flavor enhancers, GMOs and chemical additives to process fruits and berries.

2. DELISHE preserves all the vitamins, minor and major nutrient elements in candies - this is the very thing that is so appreciated by adherents of a healthy and proper nutrition.

3. DELISHE uses high-quality chocolate - this sets DELISHE apart from other similar products.

4. DELISHE uses low-calorie, natural ingredients to produce marmalade and jelly candies. This will allow you to enjoy the delicious taste of DELISHE’s jelly with natural berries and fruits.

5. DELISHE follows and develops high-quality traditions of Russian confectioners, who created masterpieces of confectionary art. DELISHE does not use cheap, high-calorie fillers mainly consisting of sugar, where the tastes we all know from our childhood were created with the help of formulation replacement. DELISHE applies the basic principle of Russian confectionery school traditions – it uses healthy and low-energy raw materials.

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